Site creation for every need

The websites are to date the best showcase for the activities of a company. Their use ranges from the sale of products to the presentation of editorial content. The possible technologies to realize them are many and each one presents advantages and disadvantages according to the final objective.

The possibilities of gain of a site are manifold. It starts from the sale of products and/or services, up to the advertising. In these years I have faced both the development of e-commerce sites and sites based on affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are defined by a website or brand and allow affiliates, i.e. those who sign the program contract, to sell their products and/or services. The affiliate agrees to comply with the rules that the program defines, while all transactions will be managed and regulated by the program’s proprietary platform. One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon. Through a simple registration you can advertise any product on the most famous e-commerce on the planet earning a commission on sales generated by the links inserted in the affiliate’s site.

Through the Amazon program platform it is possible to build appropriate links or banners for the products we want to advertise. You can also use the API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Amazon itself to allow web application programmers to access product catalog data, reviews and offers.

The library provided by Amazon is quite rich, but in some cases it is not so fast to use. Being a lover of Python and highly usable code, I decided to implement a library that would allow programmers to retrieve product information in a simple, fast and intuitive way. The idea was born when Amazon announced in late 2019 that version 3 of the API would no longer work from April 2020. Until then I used bottlenose for affiliate sites that were based on the Python language. However, since this library was no longer being updated and there were no plans to update it soon, I decided to implement my library and make it available to the community.

You can find the repository here. If you want to use it, you can also simply install it with PyPI. Any contribution is of course welcome!!!

You may wonder why I needed a library in Python for the Amazon affiliate program when the site you are looking at is based on WordPress. Well, the answer is simple: this is not the site that uses that library! The site in question I developed it with Deedfactory s.r.l. and it’s called CAMERARACE.

The goal of the site is to provide a fast camera comparison tool to help the user to purchase the most useful product according to his needs. The platform is not limited to presenting a comparison of the technical specifications of the models, but, through an artificial intelligence algorithm that weighs the different technical characteristics of each camera, it provides scores based on the use you want to make of it, indicating which objectively is the best. Moreover, it also provides the possible alternatives to the cameras that the user is viewing so that you can also evaluate models that you may not be aware of. Everything is linked to Amazon to provide the best price currently available.

Not being a photography enthusiast, my contribution has been to implement the whole platform, starting from data acquisition and modeling to the algorithm that is the basis of model comparison. I think the result is very useful as thousands of users every day visit the site to find their new camera. If you are therefore passionate about photography, I suggest you to visit the site. I hope you will be satisfied with it.

Obviously I have not limited myself to the development of sites based on affiliate marketing, but I have also developed e-commerce sites. For example, the new site of the art library Out Of London Press (OOLP)

in Turin has been completely realized by me. Not only that, in the process of creating the site I also had the pleasure to import the complete catalog of the library, which has more than 12000 books. I report you the testimony of the owners of the bookshop.

If you are looking for an art book as a next reading I suggest you to take a look. There are very interesting titles.

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