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Design with MongoDB

Designing a database well is essential to work best with advanced tools. Data scientists are very happy if they find “clean” and structured data as this partly simplifies their work and allows them to achieve greater reliability with regard to the analysis performed. ..

Design with MongoDB


The websites are to date the best showcase for the activities of a company. Their use ranges from the sale of products to the presentation of editorial content. The possible technologies to realize them are many and each one presents advantages and disadvantages according to the final objective…

Digital Platforms

Every business nowadays needs IT platforms to organize, manage and analyze its data. While companies have been using databases and tools to manage their business for decades, many research activities do not use these tools…

libri volanti

Summarizing documents

In the digital age, information travels mainly on the web. Millions of articles, blog posts and books are made available on the web every day. All this information is certainly an inexhaustible source but at the same time very difficult to manage. Extracting the information of interest and providing it in a concise way is a topic that has always fascinated me…


Creating no-content books, such as agendas, has always interested me in understanding how typographic procedures work. Therefore, I began to create automatic procedures for creating agendas. This led to the creation of the first agendas… 

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Websites and E-commerce

Realization websites and e-commerce for small and medium enterprises


Design, optimization and administration of relational and NoSQL databases

IT Platforms

Design of IT platforms for research and development


Study and development of software prototypes for university and business research

Training courses

Realization of computer science courses for individuals, small and medium enterprises

Data analysis

Application of data mining approaches for business data analysis

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Design with MongoDB

Design with MongoDB!!!

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