Django vs Flask: Python web frameworks comparison

django vs flask

Choosing a web framework for developing a web application is always important. The best Python frameworks are, according to developers, Django and Flask. Let’s find out their peculiarities and try to understand which one is the best according to the needs of our project.

Customize Woocommerce with a plugin

E-commerce is a very popular type of website nowadays. With Woocommerce it is possible to create a virtual store in a simple and intuitive way. There are many plugins that increase the basic functionality offered by the platform. Sometimes, however, there is no perfect plugin for our needs. Let’s find out how to add through the development of a plugin a custom page for customers and intercept the execution of orders.

Manage Advanced Custom Fields and integrate them in a WordPress plugin

During the development of a Wordpress website or plugin, the need arises to track some information in a structured way. Using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, it is possible to create custom fields in a simple and intuitive way. Let’s discover how to generate them and integrate them into the pages of our site or into the logic of our plugin.

Develop a WordPress plugin – create the initial structure

Wordpress is a great solution for creating sites quickly and easily. Plugins allow you to increase the basic functionality of the platform without any programming knowledge. If, however, it is necessary to interact with Wordpress in a customized way then we will need to develop a plugin. In this article we are going to understand how to set up a plugin project without too much effort.

MongoDB and Docker – How to create and configure a replica set

docker e mongo

Creating a replica set in MongoDB requires several steps that need to be performed accurately. Taking advantage of Docker’s capabilities, you can automate the whole process. We are going to find out step by step how to configure the various components of our project.

Docker compose – how to orchestrate different containers

Docker compose

The advent of microservices architecture and DevOps methodology has created the need for virtualization at the operating system level. Using Docker Compose we can create even very complex container-based applications and manage interdependencies. Let’s find out through an example based on Wordpress how to do it.

Introduction to Docker

Architettura Docker

Docker technology, based on containers, is adopted at every stage of the application lifecycle. Let’s discover the basic concepts of this technology.

Theory of MongoDB replica set

Schema MongoDB replica set con arbitro

Replicata sets allow data to be redundant across different MongoDB instances, thereby increasing fault tolerance and availability to distribute workloads across different data centers. Let’s explore the main features.

MongoDB Compass – extract statistics using aggregation pipeline

MongoDB Compass aggregation pipeline

Unlike relational databases, MongoDB allows you to create pipelines for manipulation and extraction of statistics in a simple and intuitive way. With the latest versions, the aggregation pipeline was introduced, which is based on the idea of creating a data processing framework. Documents in a collection enter a multi-step pipeline that transforms the documents into […]